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Preliminary Program

The final program will be available to view shortly !

Please, note that Kyiv time is indicated .  Current time zone for Kyiv, Ukraine is EEST, whose offset is GMT+3


Tuesday,  June 25, 2024 (offline and on-line)

09:00–09:20  — Mykola Kuchuk

09:20–10:20 — Yuri Gleba, 50 Years of Plant Biotechnology

10:20–11:00 — Julian Ma,  The development of a next generation of recombinant antibodies using plant biotechnologies


11:00 – 11:15 — Coffee break


Session MF.  Molecular Farming

11:15–11:40  — Anatoli Giritch, NOMAD Bioscience: Plant-Made Recombinant Proteins for Medical, Food and Technical Applications

11:40–12:05 — René Schlesier, Plant-produced lectins for prevention and therapy of respiratory diseases

12:05–12:30 —Franziska Jarczowski, Made in … plants: Reinventing the Wheel or Developing New Pharmaceutical Products

12:30–12:55 — Frank Thieme, Icon Genetics: A Pioneer in Plant-Based Biotechnology

12:55–13:15 — Olga Ovcharenko, Biologically-active recombinant human interferon in "long-shelf life" tomatoes

13:15 –13:35 — Natalia Shcherbak , Antibacterial activity of recombinant colicin M in edible transgenic plants

13:35–13:55 — Valeria Tonova,  Plant-produced SARS CoV-2 Nucleocapsid and chimeric RBP as diagnostic reagent candidates

13:55–14:15 — Vaiva Kazanavičiūtė, Plant-expressed antimicrobial against Cutibacterium acnes


14:15 – 14:40 — Coffee break


Session GE.  Genetic Engineering

14:45–15:15 — Yaroslav Blume, With the permission of microtubules: paradigma of lucky 13 protofilaments for cell biology

15:15–15:45 — Mykola Borysyuk, Modulation of leaf surface features for improved wheat drought tolerance

15:45–16:15 — Volodymyr Sidorov, In vitro floral culture for transformation/editing


Wednesday,  June 26, 2024 (on-line)

Session GE.  Genetic Engineering (and a little bit MF)

09:20–09:50 Bogdan Morgun, Genetic improvement of cereals to ensure foor secutiry

09:50–10:25  — Olena Kischenko, Transient expression of antigens from koi herpesvirus in duckweed

10:25–10:50 — Volodymyr Radchuk, Understanding mechanisms of grain filling for yield improvement in cereals

10:50–11:15 — Stefano Torti ,  Transient reprogramming of crop plants for agronomic performance.

11:15–11:40 — Stanislav Isaenkov ,  Exploration Genetic Potential of Halophytic Barley Relatives as a Promising Source of Salinity Tolerance for Modern Crops

11:40 – 12:00 — Coffee break

Session E.  Epigenetics

12:00–12:40  — Etienne Bucher, Crop genome and epigenome dynamics in the context of climate change

12:40–13:00 — Alexandra Kravets, Epigenetics reveals better genomes

13:00–13:20 — Iryna Zhuk, Transgenerational effect of oxalic acid and sodium nitroprusside as elicitors in Triticum aestivum

13:20–13:40 — Sergey Litvinov, Ionizing radiation affects aggregated proteins and amyloidogenesis in pisum sativum l.

Session SM.  Secondary Metabolism

13:40–14:10 —Adam Matkowski, Recent advances in polyphenols biotechnology

14:10 – 14:30 — Coffee break

14:30 –15:00 — Sylvestre Marillonnet, Tools and strategies for engineering of anthocyanin and betalain biosynthetic pathways in plants

15:00–15:40 — Sylwia  Zielinska,  Recent advances in Papaveraceae biotechnology

15:40–16:00 — Anton Stepanenko, Resolving the status of the duckweed genus Lemna, section Alatae, based on sequence and karyotype variability

16:00–16:20 — Carmen Laezza, Elicited callus cultures from apple peel: a unique reservoir of antioxidants


Sessions E + GE  (continued)

16:20–16:50 — Igor Kovalchuk, Epigenetic regulation of transgenerational response to stress

16:50–17:20 – Andrii Bilichak, Implementation of the CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) – challenges and opportunities

17:20–17:50 - George Rudenko, Development and Manufacturing of Medicines with Synthetic Biology

10th International Meeting on Recent Advances in Plant Biotechnology

June 25-26


Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering NAS of Ukraine

Ukrainian Radiobiological Society


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